Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Hypnosis in Barcelona - Spain

Quit Smoking

Despite common knowledge that smoking is really bad for our health it can be an incredibly hard habit to break. There are many different reasons why people start smoking and also there are many motivations and reasons for why people continue to smoke.
It is vitally important for the hypnotherapist to fully understand the motivations and reasons why a person smokes for therapy to be tailored for the individual. That is why at Sheffield Hypnotherapy we conduct a 15-20 minute preliminary telephone interview to understand the reasons and plan the therapy accordingly.
Therapy isn't restricted to the session, all clients receive a reinforcement CD to be used away from the hypnotherapy session. A decision is taken, does the client require a 10 step prepare to quit program or can we go straight to a quit at the first session approach. The therapist will explain how and why hypnotherapy is so affective when helping a person to quit when they have the motivation and desire required and sincerely wish to quit.

Confidence is fundamental in helping us to achieve our goals. If we undertake anything with a lack of confidence then it is much more likely to fail. Hypnotherapy can help promote confidence and self esteem.

Hypnosis in Barcelona - Spain

This could be confidence to achieve a goal, such as going on holiday alone to a distant location, performing in front of an audience or making life changing decisions.
When under hypnosis you are totally focused and able to make decisions with clarity. Hypnosis can then help to give you the confidence and determination to follow trough with the decision.
Do you have a desire to achieve life's goals but lack the confidence? Hypnotherapy may be the answer for you.

Everyone suffers from stress and anxiety at some point in their lives, some people deal better with it than others. Life events can be very stressful, work, moving home, getting married and even buying a car, the list is almost endless.
Stress and anxiety can affect our health, relationships, prosperity and general well being. Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed and focused state, this state can be associated with everyday situations and used to desensitize the person to the situation.
An example might be the stress caused by a work colleague or boss, under hypnosis a person can be desensitized to what they do that is causing the stress and anxiety. This concept can be applied to many situations and events.
Preemptive anxiety affects many people, this is where the anxiety or stress is brought about by preempting a situation or event. There is a saying, I have lived through many traumatic experiences, some of which actually happened. We often get more anxious and stressed at the thought of an event, than at the event itself. This can lead to issues like sexual dysfunction, under performance, phobias and confidence among many more.